Monday, August 4, 2008

Thinking About Geometry

I managed to run 29.7 miles for week 11 with an 11.88 mile long run that was supposed to be 14 miles. Too damn hot. I only had one gel, which went down at mile 6, and by mile 10, I was running out of steam. Gatorade tasted awful, no water, and friggin hot. So, I made a course adjustment and cut 2.12 miles off the scheduled run. I decided that I needed 4 days off to rest and repair. Today was day 3, and it felt very strange to skip the normal run.

Deborah, my wife-to-be, told me that registration starts this week, and school starts in two weeks. Where did the summer go? It seems like the boys just started swimming and now they are going back to school. Where did June go? What did we do? A few weekends at Elitch Gardens, a movie, and it is over.

I'm working on a new problem, and the geometry is kicking my ass right now. Well, maybe not kicking my ass, but I'm having a little trouble visualizing the problem. It's not an extremely difficult problem, but only a few authors have published any solutions. I'm one of the authors, but I'm trying to formulate a more general solution. Another day or two and it will get worked out. This is when I need to run, that is, when I'm running there is nothing to do but watch for obstacles in my path, compare other booty with my wife-to-be's very fine ass, and think about geometry...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Intros Forthcoming

Deborah, Jarrod, Miranda, Justin, and Lexie

David, Miranda, Jarrod, Justin, and Lexie