Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 2 - It Friggin Snowed

This week Justin didn't want to ride his bike as I ran, but Jarrod was up for it. Everything started well until we got to about 3 miles out when Jarrod said, "Daddy, it's snowing." After the turn around, it started snowing even harder. Much harder. And Jarrod is riding behind me hoping I can block some of the wind.

After a few more minutes, I hear Jarrod starting to whimper and stating, "Daddy, I'm cold." So, while continuing to run, I stripped off my long sleeve shirt and threw it to Jarrod. At least with my shirt he warmed a little while we finished the run. This was one time when I probably shouldn't have taken Jarrod along, but really, who was expecting snow in late April? Other than those people on the trail in winter gear.

One guy past me and said, "Great job." I'd like to believe he saw my big ass and was offering encouragement. On the other hand, he was probably being sarcastic because I was running so slow.

This week I did the following.

Monday  - Ran 4.54 miles
Tuesday  - Cross train 42 minutes Stair climber and weights
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Ran 4.55 miles
Friday - Cross train 45 minutes stair climber and weights
Saturday - Ran 6.31 miles in 1:11:27 (11:19/mile) - Chart below.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 1 - On Schedule

I made it through the first full week of 1/2 marathon training. I managed the following.

Monday: Run 4.03 miles
Tuesday: Cross train - Stairs 42 min & Weights
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run 4.17 miles
Friday: Cross train - Stairs 42 min & Weights
Saturday: "Long" Run 5.10 miles

Saturday's chart is shown below. Justin and Jarrod rode along with me on their bikes. Justin wasn't too thrilled with the ride, but Jarrod said he would go along again next Saturday for 6 miles. Everything is a little sore, and I weigh too much, but overall, I feel pretty good preparing for my first 50+ year old distance "race".

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Melted M&Ms & Therapy

Deborah's birthday was last Tuesday. She got gifts, dance music, and a mirror ball.

I carefully plan Deborah's gifts every birthday, Valentine's day, Mother's day, and Christmas. A couple of weeks before her birthday, we were going through old clothes, and she found her pair of blue M&M boxer shorts. She held them close and said even though they had a hole in the butt, she was not getting rid of them. I took that as a hint to get her a new pair of M&M boxer shorts, so I bought the following...

A few nights after her birthday on a particularly warm evening, Deborah, while wearing her Peanut M&M boxers, and I were sitting in bed reading when Deborah said, "if it gets any hotter between my legs, I'm going to melt my M&Ms.


Deborah and I decided awhile back that Justin and Jarrod need a little therapy to adjust to our blended family, so we found an excellent child psychologist to talk to the boys. Last Friday was the first session the doctor would actually meet and talk to the boys. So, I took them in and we started playing in the sandbox with the doctor. He asked what happened at home this week, and the boys said Deborah had a birthday. So the good doctor asked what they got for mom's birthday, and Justin loudly explained that, "we went to Victoria's Secret and got mom a thong and t-shirt."

I'm not sure how to describe the look the doctor gave me...

...enlightenment?, a breakthrough?...

I could only cough up, "yeah, but it was a conservative thong." It was downhill from there.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First 2011 Outdoor Run

I'm sure the treadmill missed me, but today, April 07, 2011, I ran outdoors. My last outdoor run was May 18, 2010--almost a year ago.

Today, I ran 3.7 miles in 42:01:17.

I know what you're thinking. All that blazing speed will scare the wildlife, that is, a prarie dog might waddle in front of me and get squished. It could happen. But it didn't. Never does. They just stare at me knowing why dirt is falling from their ceiling.

Here's a chart.


A mantra. That's what I need.

All the running and working out for years, and I've never really had a mantra.

Everyman's triathlete, Roman Mica, says I need a mantra. Now Kara Goucher in the new Runner's World Mag says I need a mantra.

I was having a real hard time with the mantra thing. I wanted something that helped me through the tough runs and workouts, but something that was distinctly me.

Deborah and I were watching Good Will Hunting recently, and we always laugh at the scene where the first psychologist played by George Plimpton says, "...No more tom foolery. No more ballyhoo." For days after the movie we teased each other about "No more ballyhoo" until it took on a sexual connotation. "Mmmmm, feel like some ballyhoo?"

Now that the kids are getting older and understanding more, a good "new" word, or use of a word, like ballyhoo, can leave them in the dark for awhile longer, which is always good.

So, after much thought, my mantra has become, "Butt. Gut. Ballyhoo!" Butt means all the working out keeps my butt tight. Gut means all the working out keeps my gut minimized. And, Ballyhoo means that if I keep a firm butt and modest gut, Deborah and I get to ballyhoo. A lot.

"Butt. Gut. Ballyhoo!" (When you say it, the "hoo" has to be emphasized, like "Butt. Gut. Bally Whoooooooooooooooo!")

So, if you're in Estes Park on June 12 and running the Estes Park half marathon, and if you're running past a big guy chanting, "Butt. Gut. Ballyhooooooo," chances are it's me, DrBubba.

Racing for ballyhoo with Deborah! A lot!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It Sucks!

I (we) are the proud owners of my grandmother's Kirby Sanitronic Model 562, which was first built in 1962 and means that my vacuum cleaner is older than my wife. But it still sucks.
The vacuum cleaner, that is, still sucks. Anyway...
In September, my best man was at the house and saw Kirby 562, and commented that I was just like him holding on to a friendly vacuum and refusing to upgrade to something new. Uncle Tom told me that his wife, Jennifer, insisted on a new vacuum cleaner, so they upgraded to a new Dyson. Tom said you could actually see the carpet fibers being ripped from the floor and sucked into the Dyson when they started using it.
After thinking about how often Deborah's been sick, we realized that maybe, just maybe, the Kirby 562 wasn't sucking enough. So, we excitedly added an Electrolux Nimble vacuum to our family. It's almost like getting a new puppy.
Except it doesn't pee on the floor.