Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brutal Honestly--Lexie's On A Roll

So we're in the kitchen this morning, and I'm making breakfast. We haven't had bacon in a very long time, so I bought a package of bacon to cook for breakfast.

The kids are eating, and Jarrod asks, "Is this fat? Can I eat the fat on the bacon?"

I replied, "Yes, you can eat fat."

To which Lexie added, "DB, does that mean we can eat your belly?"

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I was lying on the bed with my head in Deborah's lap when Lexie, 6, came in to sit with mommy. Lexie started putting multiple pony tails in mom's hair while we watched a movie. The conversation between Lexie and Deborah was all about hair, including Deborah's highlights.

After a few minutes, Lexie looked at my hair and said, "Look mommy. DB has highlights too. See, here, here, there, and over his ears."

Highlights? Yeah, I have some "highlights," but the good thing is I still have hair.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I love...

There are many people/things that I love...

I love being married to Deborah and kissing her throughout the day.

I love our kids--even after I've been entertaining them at a fun park for hours. I want some of that energy.

I love sweat dripping off my elbows, nose, and running shorts. I thought about writing that I love bleeding nipples, but I don't really love that part. It's the workout that I love.

I love studying and thinking about new ideas.

I love the first real snow of the year that covers the mountaintops. This morning the mountains had a fresh coat of snow.

What a great day and great life I have.