Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ignorance Bordering On Stupidity

I never intended to write a political blog, but sorry folks. I just cannot let Mr. Obama's statement today pass without comment. Here's the video clip...

Note the stunned silence when Mr. Obama suggests that simply keeping tires inflated will save more gas than can be found by drilling. People, what is the saying that many attribute to Mark Twain?

Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Substitute "ignorant bordering on stupid" for "a fool" and you have my impression of Mr. Obama's statement.

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker notes the ignorance of Mr. Obama's statement, and I encourage all readers to click on the link and read the post.

While Mr. Obama's statement specifically referred to gasoline, it reflects his "energy policy," that is, we need to conserve, wean ourselves from oil and gas, and turn to technology to provide energy from renewable sources.

The United States economy is driven by energy--cheap energy--and we need ever increasing amounts of energy to sustain growth. Every blog post increases the US demand for energy. Every new iPhone increases the US demand for energy. Every new baby increases the US demand for energy.

The United States cannot sustain economic growth with conservation, weaning from hydrocarbons, and a shift to renewable sources of energy. The magnitude of the energy demand is far to large to be supplied by renewable sources and conservation alone. As Mr. Pickens stated before congress, the United States should do it all, including solar, wind, nuclear, bio, and yes, even drilling for oil and gas, to move towards energy independence and sustain economic growth.

Energy, because it is tied so closely to the economy, may be the single most important issue in the 2008 election. Please don't vote for a man that believes a little air in our tires will conserve more oil than can be obtained by drilling. Mr. Obama's suggestion is both absurd and ignorant, and his ideas are not the "change" America needs.

Sure It's Gross, But...

First, Justin had his cast removed after 3 WEEKS! Must be great to be 5 and heal that quick. The picture shows Justin's arm after the cast was removed. When the picture was taken, the three pins were still in his skin, through the muscle, and into the bone. The pins were pulled out with pliers. Justin, Jarrod, and I watched the pin pulling with open-mouthed awe.

Second, for those thinking about signing up and running a marathon, here is my shirt following Saturday's 12.2 mile long run. Yes, nipples bleed, and now I know why all the children were running away as I waved and ran past.

But, here's the important part. The pain of high-tech Dri-fit fabric rubbing nipples until they bleed is so much less than the pain everywhere else that I didn't notice I was bleeding until I saw the look on the boys' faces.

Why do you marathon?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sorry King Soopers

I forgot to post last week that I ran 25.9 miles with a 10.07 mile long run, which leads me to this week...

I broke a cardinal rule of long runs last night. The night before a long run don't share pizza with your kids. Five miles into the run, I knew I couldn't make it back to the house without a toilet. I made a turn and headed for King Soopers, which at 7 am wasn't very busy. After seriously polluting the King Soopers potty, I hit the pavement again to finish the run. The end result is that for week 12, that is, 12 weeks before the marathon, I ran 30.17 miles with a 12.20 mile long run and a potty stoppy. Sorry King Soopers.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Secrets Revealed

Granny asks Justin when he goes to church.

Justin says, "Oh, that's over until school starts."

So what has Granny learned in 3 days? The church year and school year are one in the same, but anytime is good for Hooter's.

This was a good week. After a bad start with Justin breaking his arm, he is doing better, and for week 14, I got in a 26 miles with a 9 mile long run. I also managed to swim 900m. Now the mileage should start climbing towards Melbourne.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hooter's Please

Granny flew to Denver to help with the boys while one is in a cast. Last night she decided a treat was in order, so she offered to take us to dinner. Justin, with the broken arm, was given his choice of restaurant, and after thinking for a second, he said, "Hooter's!"

Granny laughed.

I was thinking two things.

First, that's a pretty smart move because a shoulder length cast on a 5 year old in Hooter's is like fly paper to flies in a landfill. He wouldn't have room to eat with all the sympathy he'd be getting from the Hooter's girls.

Second, I think I've taken them to Hooter's a few too many times. Not every meal request is a time for Hooter's. I mean, boys, how many grandmas have you seen in Hooter's the one or two times we've gone?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick, What Happened Next?

Three pins and a cast.

He's slowly getting used to it, and the ER gave "Happy" a cast too.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Goes Around

Whew, what a week. Last weekend, I became the latest victim of the summer intestinal bug that had slowed the boys' activities. After resting Sunday and Monday, I thought I was ready to run. Mistake. Big mistake.

At 3 miles, stuff was percolating. At 4 miles, I was squeezing cheeks and running to get back to the locker room. At 6.25 miles, I was trying harder than ever to avoid pooping and throwing up on a downtown street. Some run.

So with 15 weeks before the Melbourne Marathon, I ran a total of 6.25 miles with no swimming. I think(!) I'm much better now.