Monday, September 22, 2008

August Sucked

Let's see...

Marathon training hit a few snags. After a 13.57 mile long run the week of 4-10 AUG, my legs were so sore that I had trouble walking. The next week, I completed a single 6-mile run. The next week, I completed a single 5.44 mile run.

Doubt about Melbourne began to creep into my thoughts.

Sometimes I HATE being 47 and 240 lbs.

The next week (25-31 AUG), I said "f_ck it, I'm running." I managed 28.42 miles for the week with a 11.65 mile long run on Friday.

On Sunday, my ankle was so swollen, I couldn't walk. Damn!

Serious doubt about Melbourne began to creep into my thoughts.

I was down to 5 weeks with no long runs over 14 miles. I thought, "what the hell. If I'm going down, I'm going down running." So the week of 8-14 SEP I managed 10.13 miles with a 6.13 mile long run.

And, I put the whole Melbourne Marathon running decision on last weeks training. The result? On Monday, I ran 14.01 miles. On Wednesday, 6.13 miles. On Thursday, 3.5 miles. And on Saturday, 16.21 miles.

I'm going to run the Melbourne Marathon. I may miss my 4 hour goal (again), but I'll be there with my big ass shoes laced up and ready to run.

Today, I ran 6.25 miles in 1:02:00. A 4:20 marathon pace if I can do it for 26.2 miles. My PR is 4:16:23. A new PR in Melbourne? Why the hell not? August sucked, September's looking better, but October may be the jewel at 47 and 240 lbs.