Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day Two -- Bone Failure

I love Deborah because...

She is a prolific reader, sometimes reading 3 or 4 books at a time. By seeing the pleasure she derives from reading, not to mention the smarts she acquires, it got me reading for relaxation again.


I was supposed to be running the Colorado Marathon this weekend. As my long runs during training exceeded 14 miles, my left leg started to fail again. After several weeks of pushing through the pain, I gave in to the pain again and took a month off from running. Now I have to find a new race and start over.

Like last time, failure doesn't occur until my long runs start to exceed two hours, but it's not the time or distance that creates the problem.

It's my weight.

The only way that I'll be able to finish another marathon is if I can get my weight down to 230 lbs, which means that I have to drop about 40 lbs. I've done it before, so I'll get it done. I really enjoyed working with my coach during the training, and it's certainly not his fault that I couldn't get below 250 lbs. He encouraged me to run faster, and had me racing at a 9 minute pace, which I never thought that I would see again. As my weight starts to fall off, I'll be working with David Clark again.

While I'm referring to David Clark, I should note that his non-profit Superman Project is about to start its 300 mile Recovery Run. David will run across the state of Colorado to raise awareness for recovering alcoholics and addicts. If you can, visit the website and chip in a few bucks to support the run.

There's also a new documentary called 1Hundred that features David Clark as he ran the 2011 Leadville 100 trail race. I've never embedded a video before, but here's the trailer.

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