Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Musical Taste

To each his own.


The following are on my iPod...and you might be offended by listening to the first one.

KoRn "Y'all Want A Single" (NSF Kids, or adults for that matter)

tool "Forty Six & 2"
Michael Crawford  "The Phantom of the Opera -- The Music of the Night"

Deborah is not in any way shape or form a fan of KoRn or tool. On the other hand, I think she loves the music from the Phantom of the Opera as much as I do. I'm a huge fan of progressive rock, which includes the groups Rush and tool, and when I'm working or working out, I love very heavy music. However, Andrew Lloyd Webber and cast touched me with the Phantom of the Opera. I could listen to the music from Phantom of the Opera every day, and it never gets old. Weird, huh?

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