Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1st Anniversary Celebration: Part II - Phantom Yo Eleven

Our anniversary celebration was never about gambling. We simply wanted time away together without kids where we could enjoy each others company while taking in shows and eating good food.

As noted in 1st Anniversary Celebration: Part I - The Invitation, our only tight scheduling was the airplane departures. Deborah did a fantastic job and was actually ready to leave for the airport before I was, and our flight to Las Vegas went off without a hitch. When we arrived in Las Vegas, our driver was waiting for us, and after retrieving bags we were off to the Venetian.

After traveling, Deborah needs some time to unwind, so we checked into our suite and she tried to relax. What Deborah didn't know is that I had arranged for 2 dozen lavender roses to be delivered to the room after we checked in. She kept trying to get me to leave so she could relax, but I kept stalling and hanging around. Finally the roses were delivered, and the arrangement was beautiful, but huge. Deborah took 40 or 50 pictures of the roses with the vase in numerous positions throughout the suite.

After I left the room, I played a few slot machines, lost some money, and went searching for a Diet Coke. All the food service establishments in The Venetian have only Pepsi products, and every since Pepsi's now CEO, Indra Nooyi, used her middle finger to describe the United States, I will not drink Pepsi products. Period.

So I left the Venetian looking for Diet Coke. Las Vegas in September is still hot, as in 103°F hot, with sun light trying to burn a hole through everyone and everything. I took off walking down the strip being constantly approached by card flickers advertising the "best adult entertainment" and "girls delivered straight to me." I just wanted a Diet Coke, and I definitely didn't want some naked ho delivering it to me, so I kept walking.

I've been to Las Vegas maybe 20 or 25 times over the years, and I've never seen Elvis. During my quest for a Diet Coke, I saw Elvis walking down the strip. Sweating. In a Spandex jump suit, which was also soaked in sweat. Way way too much of his physique was recognizable. Waayy toooo much.

Ya think dressing as Elvis in Las Vegas gets a guy laid?

Anyway, in the middle of the Strip, I found a McDonalds, which I despise, but I knew they would have Diet Coke, so I went in and ordered an extra large cup. I'm sitting at a table drinking my Diet Coke and realize that I'm surrounded by guys and girls in hot pants and 6 inch heels. They weren't bothering me. It's just that they seemed to be everywhere.

I'm sure they're writing on their blog about a sweaty tourist from Kansas or somewhere drinking Diet Coke from the fountain and staring at them in a McDonalds. That would be me.

Our first night was very relaxed. We ordered in-room dining and went to sleep in separate rooms with the sounds of the Mirage's volcano erupting every so often. I know, almost too exciting.

The next day we woke late and took a walk over to Wynn's Las Vegas. It was there that Deborah found the unlocked Ferrari and got in. I'm the one that asked her to show me a boob for one of the pictures. After revealing her boob, people started walking toward the Ferrari for some reason. On group said, "I didn't know we could sit in the Ferrari," and I replied, "Neither did we." Before we could haul ass, a line of people was forming to sit in the Ferrari and flash their boobs. Ok, maybe they just wanted to sit in the Ferrari. I'm sure the owner was none too pleased to come outside later and find people sitting in his Ferrari with gum stuck under the seat, spilled vodka on the console, and an interior that wreaked of beer and sweat.

Later that night, we attended our first show, which was The Phantom at The Venetian.

Both Deborah and I had seen The Phantom of the Opera before we met one another. I saw the show in about 1998 in Denver, and I thought it was wonderful. Unfortunately, the person I attended Phantom with in 1998 was a psycho bitch. My big boss had invited us to attend Phantom with he and his wife along with some very important customers. My ex turned up the psycho to max, and we were never invited anywhere with my bosses or customers again. Needless to say, I gave up any hope of climbing the corporate ladder that night.

When the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera was released, I also watched it with the boys over and over. I'm a sucker for chick flicks and romance.

Prior to leaving for Las Vegas, I had gone way over budget on some fancy clothes for me while Deborah spent a fraction of what I did, but bought some amazing clothes. On the night of The Phantom when Deborah put on her dress, she looked so beautiful. She was absolutely stunning. We went down the elevator with everyone sneaking peeks of her.

The Venetian photographer snapped our photo (for only $45) as we entered the theater. We both thought that it was the best picture we had ever taken together. Considering the seats that we had purchased, I thought beforehand that we would be seated next to similarly dressed theater goers. Not so. We had a row of chubby women in shorts behind us eating drumsticks and cotton candy. The audience was an interesting mix of fashionably dressed couples and tourists right off the strip. I didn't expect that.

After the show, which was fantastic, we had reservations at AquaKnox, which is in the Venetian. I selected a surf-n-turf off-menu special, which I have since learned is the number one selling item at AquaKnox. It is a filet mignon and crab-stuffed lobster, and the link will take you to the recipe, but I highly recommend letting the chefs at AquaKnox prepare it for you. Deborah and I also shared a bottle of 2009 Jordan Chardonnay. If you find yourself traveling to Las Vegas, I highly recommend AquaKnox and Jordan Chardonnay.

As we were leaving AquaKnox, Deborah and I decided to play some craps. Deborah's not really a gambler, so I should have written that I decided to play some craps with Deborah standing next to me. So we start playing, and we're staying basically even--a hundred up, then a hundred down. As we keep playing, the table gets a little hotter and we start winning. Of course, Deborah is still looking beautiful in her dress and all the men at the table are sneaking long wishful glances at her. I was eating it up. After a while, an elderly gentleman squeezes into the table next to her. He never placed a single bet, but he damn sure tried to burn a whole through her dress to see those perfect boobs. The dude was practically drooling--it's possible he did actually drool, but I didn't see it.

The dice come around to Deborah, and everyone wants her to roll. So we put down bets for both of us, and she starts rolling. Since she had never rolled craps dice before, Deborah didn't necessarily know all the do's and don'ts, and she mistakenly reached down to grab the dice with both hands. Big no no. Everyone yells, "one hand!" So she grabs with one hand, throws the dice, one goes off the table, across the aisle, and hits a scantily-clad waitress in the butt. "Sorry. Same dice!" She got the hang of it really fast, and won us some money. When we walked away from the table, we had won $300, which doesn't make us high rollers, but it was a lot of fun.

After getting back to the room, Deborah crawled in bed and watched Whitney Cummings on Comedy Central. I've never heard Deborah laugh like that before. As we retired to our separate rooms, we both realized that it had been an amazing night. A stupendous celebration of our 1st anniversary.

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